Der Reflex des Wiedererkennens #1 – Fotografie und Dichtung

© Claus Dieter Geissler

© Tobias D. Kern

© Tobias D. Kern

© Martin Frech

© Martin Frech

The Reflex of Recognizing #1 – Photography and Poetry In dialogue with a text: Claus Dieter Geissler spoke with Victor Hugo; indirectly, as a photographer: with his still lifes he refers to the “Rhine Journey”. Myths updated: In their literary sound picture, Frank Doering and Tobias D. Kern depict a reindeer chase and, en passant, interpret an old Nordic song. Photos, lyrically: in pairs of images, Martin Frech poetizes on his year 2020. An opening exhibition to our series on the kinship between literature and photography.

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Frank Doering, Martin Frech, Claus Dieter Geissler, Tobias D. Kern

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schaelpic photokunstbar