Gerd Bonfert

© Gerd Bonfert, 2018, K58-1_201, 134x101 cm

© Gerd Bonfert_H79 Triptychon_2012_Silbergelatinedruck_125x282cm

© Gerd Bonfert_K26-3_2016_Silbergelatinedruck_104x132cm

© Gerd Bonfert_K31-16_2016_Silbergelatinedruck_108x133cm

© Gerd Bonfert_K58-1_2018_134x101cm

© Gerd Bonfert_K80-12_2019_40x59cm

For the first time, the Thomas Rehbein gallery exhibits works by the artistic photographer Gerd Bonfert. His photographs, always analogue, visualize time and render visible things that the human eye cannot apprehend. To this day, the artist resolutely forgoes technically manipulating his prints, in a practice which never looks mannered. In the age of digital photography, he is a lensman in the spirit of the century before last.

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Gerd Bonfert

20.05. – 10.07.2021

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