© Jennifer Lubahn

Hieroglyphs Jennifer Lubahn Here, a variety of translucent patterns, arisen out of necessity. There, white hieroglyphs, taking up an entire façade. The exhibition shows found line drawings in the medium of photography. It steers the gaze onto small poetic incidents that are merely looked on wearily by the mundane eye. Jennifer Lubahn, born in 1988, lives and works in Cologne. Her works range between the poles of photography and installation and light art.

Trickster Atelierräume
Niehler Str. 335
50735 Köln

Jennifer Lubahn

10.07. – 18.07.2021

06.00 – 10.00

Saturday, 10 July + Sunday, 11 July
3 to 7.30 pm

Saturday, 17 July + Sunday, 18 July 
3 to 7.30 pm

now closed


Trickster Atelierräume