Les Fleurs du mal – The theatrics of the arts

© Edmund Clark, My Shadow's Reflection - Plant 23, 2017 Chromogenic print 57 x 65 cm

Les Fleurs du Mal - “Where every enormity blooms like a flower” Pidder Auberger, Edmund Clark, Lisa Götze, Margret Hoppe, Pieter Laurens Mol, Susanne M. Winterling and others The joint exhibition displays an examination of Charles Baudelaire’s poetry. His search for beauty in the evil and ugliness of the “mal” sets in train his imagination of the horrible as the beauty of art and as autonomous poetry. The exhibition concentrates on the destabilised subject, shaken to its foundations in its alienation from existence. In exaggerated artificiality, the weakness of the ego and the unfathomable and ambiguous is shifted into the focus as an aesthetic value.

Parrotta Contemporary Art
Brüsseler Str. 21
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Pidder Auberger, Edmund Clark, Margret Hoppe, Susanne M. Winterling, u.a.

14.05. – 31.07.2021

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Parrotta Contemporary Art