Eaux des Colonies

© Competition: part of the collection Eau de Cologne counterfaits © Rôsangela Rennó / Stiftung RWWA (file #33-GN238)

© Rosângela Rennó

© Rosângela Rennó

© Rosângela Rennó

© Rosângela Rennó

Les Origenes – Eaux des Colonies Rosângela Rennó is the artist in residence at the Stiftung Rheinisches-Westfalisches Wirtschaftsarchiv zu Koln. She traces the history of Cologne’s classic Eau de Cologne, pursuing inquiries into the gaps in conventional historiography as she does so. Along the way, a timeline highlights the origins of the “Original” and of its countless plagiarisms, appropriations and reinterpretations, and a world map visualizes the global dispersal of Eau de Cologne with the aid of 150 flacons.

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