LOCKTOWN COLOGNE - Der Lockdown und andere Katastrophen

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LOCKTOWN COLOGNE – The Lockdown and Other Disasters The Cologne-based film-maker and photographer decided to make the lockdown in Cologne his photographic theme. Using historical cameras, he recorded life in and around the cathedral city for one year in black-and-white images on film. Many photos were created on barite paper entirely traditionally, by his own hand in the darkroom, or were produced using a fine print method, as used more than a century ago, to make delicate platinum/palladium prints.

Open Garden Atelier Stahlschmidt
Schillingsrotter Str. 61
50996 Köln

Michael Stahlschmidt

19.06. – 25.06.2021

02.00 – 07.00

So that the exhibition can really take place in times of the pandemic,
it will be held outdoors.
Telephone registration is requested on 0163 3625327,
so that the hygiene and spacing rules for Covid-19 can be observed.
Daily 2-6pm by appointment by phone.

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