Studio C104

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In their shared workspace, Studio C104 on the former Clouth factory site, the three Cologne photographers exhibit excerpts from their works. The exhibition presents itself as accordingly diverse. Benedikt Ernst exhibits images about the Pijao. The Pijao live in the Columbian province of Tolima, where Ernst was able to take their portraits as the first photographer to do so. The beauty and fashion shots, and landscape shots also, by Per Florian Appelgren and Frank Rossbach stand in contrast to these portraits.

Studio C104
Niehler Straße 104
50733 Köln

Per Florian Appelgren, Benedikt Ernst, Frank Rossbach

21.05. – 30.05.2021

06.00 – 10.00

Saturdays + Sundays
12 am - 6 pm

Monday - Friday
4pm - 7pm

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Studio C104