The Djinn Diaries

© Btihal Remli_ The Djinn Diaries _ Bird

© Btihal Remli_ The Djinn Diaries _ lalla Aicha

© Btihal Remli _ The Djinn Diaries _ Chamharouch

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Childhood stories about evil djinn take the artist, Btihal Remli, to Morocco, in order to conduct research into these supernatural beings. She follows the pointers and tales of the people who introduce her to their world of the djinn. Following no narrative, the exhibition shows visual notes from the last three years. Writing, illustrations, video, photographs and artefacts are installed in the room and coolly and clearly tell of the search for the djinn.

Gemeinde Köln
Ebertplatzpassage 7
50668 Köln

Btihal Remli

07.05. – 30.05.2021

3 - 8 pm

now closed

Gemeinde Köln