You are here - Versuche einer fotografischen Standortbestimmung, Teil 2

© Selina Pfrüner

© Alwin Lay

© Julia Sellmann

© Antonia Gruber

© Frederike Wetzels

With the second part of the “You are here” exhibition series, Photoszene once again presents works by some dozen artists between their mid-20s and 40 years of age. The show provides a multi-layered insight into current trends in young Cologne-based documentary, portrait and conceptual photography and puts them up for discussion. A preview of the exhibition will be on show from 21 May, in the new, virtual “New Photo - Kunsthalle für Fotografie”.

Oskar-Jäger-Straße 97
50825 Köln

Luise Flügge, Vesko Gösel, Antonia Gruber, Jann Höfer, Selina Pfrüner, Alwin Lay, Johannes Post, Julia Sellmann, Anna Siggelkow, Şirin Şimşek, Frederike Wetzels und Daniel Zahkarov


now closed