Flashback 2021

Here is a review of the Digital Mediation Program of Photoszene United in summer 2021!
You can also find out about all the exhibitions here: The exhibitions 2021

Photoszene Kiosk

Ein Kiosk voller Fotografiemagazine!

EN Chez Lumière

Unsere Photoszene Bar, open 24/7!

New Photo

Unser Wunsch für Köln: Eine Kunsthalle für Fotografie! Mit einer zweiten Ausgabe von "You are here".

Through the city with...

The art educators Antonia Gruber and Floria Maria Ude visit selected exhibitions of Photoszene United. During Photoszene United, tours of the exhibitions are created in small clips through...

Photoszene Livingroom

If artist talks cannot take place with an real audience due to the pandemic, we have set up the Photoszene Livingroom. Zoom-Meeting beitreten...

Photoszene On Ear

Photoszene ON EAR: Podcast with DieMotive Themes of this year's exhibitions within the framework of Photoszene United or individual works are reappraised or contextualized from a photo-historical perspective. This format does not aim for completeness, but can only pick out exemplary works or exhibitions that are thematically appropriate. For example, the embedding of individual works in photographic genres (documentary photography, press photography, advertising photography, etc.) is conceivable, which are then explained in more detail, or an iconographic style analysis. In this way, the Photoszene aims to embed current artistic trends and media in a larger overall context, thus building a bridge between the here and now and the history of the medium. All episodes are in german language.

Photoszene 360° Rundgänge

In cooperation with ENP we show 360° panorama tours through some exhibitions at Photoszene United: KunstWerk Köln: Storage H. Blumenthal, D. Gwon, C. Kriegerowski, O. Lehmann, B....

Photoszene Opening

Welcome to Photoszene United! – Heide Häusler, Inga Schneider und Damian Zimmermann: {vimeo videoID="553303296"} Artist Meets Archive KickOff 21. Mai 2021 {vimeo...