Jochen Heufelder

MOUNTAINVIEW-GALLERY of the Fuhrwerkswaage Art Space

languages: german, english

Jochen Heufelder first studied sculpture at the Münster Art Academy, but soon after graduating turned to art education. In 1978 he founded the FUHRWERKSWAAGE Kunstraum, a private art gallery supported by a sponsoring association. Two major individual project by Heufelder are the exhibition "Floating under rails" in the Agfa Fotohistorama at Museum Ludwig, which Heufelder initiated together with Bodo von Dewitz in 1999 and the the new talents-biennale cologne. Within the new talents-biennale cologne, which is organized by the Fuhrwerkswaage to promote young artists* after the end of their studies, photography is always a focal point. This continues in the MOUNTAINVIEW Gallery established in 2020, an open-air presentation dedicated to photography and its interfaces with other disciplines. A special interest lies in both artistic photography and documentary photography – overlaps not excluded.