Naoya Hatakeyama

© Corinne Quentin

Naoya Hatakeyama (b. 1958 in Rikuzen-takata, Iwate Prefecture, Japan) is an artist and photographer based in Tokyo. He graduated from the University of Tsukuba in 1984 with a degree in art from Japanese photographer and photo-theoretist Kiyoji Otsuji. 
Known for a series of extensive works dealing with the relationship between nature and civilisation, he has created a thoughtful panorama of images showing places and landscapes shaped by industrialisation and urbanisation since the 1980s. His work features series on landscapes and architecture that document a man-made nature in which he himself, however, no longer appears. In Germany, Hatakeyama photographed, among other things, the controlled detonation of the Westfalen I/II Zeche in 2003.
Furthermore, he was awarded the Kimura Ihei Award of Photography in 1997 and the Mainichi Art Award in 2000.

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