© Tamara Lorenz_Exhibition View_Martinetz

© Foto: Tamara Lorenz_Fotografien: Sabine Clement

© Tamara Lorenz_Exhibition View_Martinetz

THE WHOLE TRUTH Art eludes the scrutiny of truth or untruth – and that is its great potential. It sketches counter-worlds to reality and is interested in the gaining of knowledge, not in the truth content of any portrayal of what is real. As an artistic medium, photography achieved liberation from its illustrative function long ago. In the exhibition DIE GANZE WAHRHEIT, against this background, photography plays an important role. For example, the works from the series body fallacy by Louisa Clement show intimate portraits of synthetic female bodies, photographed in extreme close-up and conveying an uncertain sensation that vacillates between sensuality and coldness. A totally different approach is taken by Sophia Süßmilch in her works: she works performatively with her body and creates – despite painstaking staging – tremendous directness and intimacy.

Moltkestraße 81 (1. Etage)
50674 Köln

Louisa Clement

Christian Falsnaes

Šejla Kamerić

Mary-Audrey Ramirez + Max Kreis

Robert Sieg

Sophia Süßmilch

Kuratiert von Johanna Adam

08.05. – 26.06.2021

now closed