Koblenz Analog #8

© Martin Streit_„Puppenhafte“, 2020, Auckland, Camera Obscura, Pigmentdruck auf Injektpapier, 21 x 14 cm

© Berit Bach

© Esther Helmrich

© Anton Eibe Gruhn

© Ute Langanky

Koblenz Analog is an initiative by students and artists based in Koblenz. Every year, since 2012, a very short-run edition of a portfolio (35) is published and contains original works by approximately 20 artists against the backdrop of analogue and experimental photography. The portfolio takes a cross-regional approach and also offers works from Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Saarbrücken, London.
All works are signed and numbered. The edition is presented in the window of the Hallmackenreuther restaurant.

Brüsseler Platz 9
50674 Köln

Martin Streit, Ute Langanky, Ky Lewis, Jürgen Königs,Martin Lilkendey, u.a.

21.05. – 04.06.2021

now closed