Photoszene On Ear

Photoszene ON EAR: Podcast with DieMotive

Themes of this year's exhibitions within the framework of Photoszene United or individual works are reappraised or contextualized from a photo-historical perspective. This format does not aim for completeness, but can only pick out exemplary works or exhibitions that are thematically appropriate. For example, the embedding of individual works in photographic genres (documentary photography, press photography, advertising photography, etc.) is conceivable, which are then explained in more detail, or an iconographic style analysis. In this way, the Photoszene aims to embed current artistic trends and media in a larger overall context, thus building a bridge between the here and now and the history of the medium.
DieMotive Podcast Special Photoszene United #1: Heide Häusler & Damian Zimmermann
About the beginnings of the festival, the different formats, the emancipation from Photokina and making festivals in times of a pandemic. A short introduction to this year's Photoszene.

DieMotive Podcast Special Photoszene United #2: Inga Schneider about Artist Meets Archive 
A conversation with Inga Schneider about Artist Meets Archive, the internet as a repository, working with archives, and the different approaches of the participating artists, who also have a word in this episode and describe their work with the various archives. With Rosângela Rennó, Joan Fontcuberta, Anna Orlowska, Yasmine Eid Sabbagh and Philipp Goldbach.